Daughter of the Siren Queen Audiobook (Series, Book# 2) – By Tricia Levenseller

Daughter of The Siren Queen Audiobook

Daughter of a Siren Queen Audiobook spins around the way that Alosa is female, a pirate, and the commander of a practically all-female team. Furthermore, this group contends energetically as any male boat and does right by being better since they don’t need to stress over annoying things like falling until an alarm spell. Daughter … Read more

Daughter of the Pirate King Audiobook (Series, Book# 1)- By Tricia Levenseller

daughter of the pirate king

Daughter of The Pirate King Audiobook is a book by Tricia Levenseller. This is the first book in the Daughter of the Pirate King series, which has been followed by Daughter of Siren Queen. This book got published on 28th February 2017. It falls under the genre of romance, young adult fiction, and a fantasy … Read more