Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Audiobook – By Roald Dahl

Charlie and Chocolate Factory Audiobook

Charlie and Chocolate Factory Audiobook is a 1964 children’s novel produced by British creator Roald Dahl. The story involves the making of Charlie Bucket’s youth inside the chocolate plant of exotic chocolate Willy Wonka. Cadbury regularly sent test bundles to schoolchildren to recapture their senses. Charlie and Chocolate Factory Audiobook – Details And Storyline: Plot … Read more

A Christmas Carol Audiobook – By Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol Audiobook

A Christmas Carol Audiobook is a novella written by famous author Charles Dicken. This novel was originally published by Chapman and Hall in 1843 in London. It was then illustrated by John Leech. Dickens composed A Christmas Carol during a period when the British were investigating and reconsidering past Christmas conventions, including songs, and more … Read more