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[Listen][Download] “Deception Point Audiobook” By Dan Brown

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Deception Point Audiobook is an American novel. It is authored by world-popular suspense and crime author Dan Brown. Deception Point is an American novel that was published originally in the English language and is released all around the world. The novel is authored by American author Dan Brown. The book is published by Pocketbooks publishers. The novel is based on the mystery, suspense, and thriller genre. The book was published in 2001.

Deception Point Audiobook

Exploring ‘Deception Point Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

Deception Point Unabridged Audiobook is based on the crime and thriller genre. The story opens with an unidentified asteroid hitting the planet Earth. This leads to four scientists coming together to explore the cause behind it. It is believed that this is an indication of the existence of alien life on some other planet. However, the US government does not want to frighten the public and hence allows the scientists to carry out the investigations but in hidden circumstances. But for how long can the audiences be deceived?

Deception Point Audiobook initially received mixed reactions from the audiences but it gradually picked up the pace of success. The reason for the slow popularity was that the deception point audiobook was originally meant for a certain category of audience.

However, the book was declared a commercial success eventually in the forerun. The popularity of the novel got the novel translated into 17+ more languages. The novel became a huge success all around the globe after selling over 100+ million copies in different parts of the world.

About Author (Dan Brown):

The Deception Point has been authored by Dan Brown. Brown is an accomplished author, American-born and popular of his own accord. He is a master of penning novels in the thriller and suspense genre. His best-selling books include The Da Vinci code, Tell Me Your Dreams as well as Angels and Demons.

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Deception Point MP 3 is given below in different parts which includes all the chapters of the book. Start listening to it and enjoy it.

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