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[Listen][Download] “Library of Souls Audiobook” By Ransom Riggs

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The Library of Souls Audiobook is a popular Horror Fiction Novel Audiobook written by Ransom Riggs. The heroic adventure is a sequel to Hollow City which is followed by Miss Peregrine`s Peculiar Children. The young and horror fiction book is authored by Ransom Riggs which was originally published on 22nd September 2015 by Quirk Books with 464 Pages. The entire series does not involve any romantic scenes but is incredible with a perfect end.

library of souls audiobook

Exploring ‘Library of Souls Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

Library of Souls Unabridged is the final series of Miss Peregrine`s Peculiar Children trilogy that envelopes the story by providing a good and happy conclusion. The story revolves around a boy who possesses extraordinary magical powers. The adventurous story starts with 16 years 16-year-old boy named Jacob who finds his magical ability and tries to rescue his friends from a fortress that is guarded heavily.

Jacob has a companion Emma who possesses the power of fire while Addison can sniff out lost children like a dog. The travelling story of three children is worth a read. Just like its predecessors Library of Souls also provides readers with thrilling fantasy. His ability to present the story with vintage photography develops the reader’s interest.


Readers can catch their breath when they reach the end of the story. The Library of Souls Audiobook contains violence and profanity with descriptions of peculiar children who are engaged in battles. Peculiars and people are shown in a completely unexpected way. The twists will lead to battle and the story ends with the resolution of Emma and Jacob’s story.

About the Author (Ransom Raggs):

Ransom Raggs loves to tell stories. He was born on 3rd February 1979 and is a well-known American writer. His obsession with photography is used in his famous books that attracted a large audience. He makes stories enchanting, clever and tense with accented photos. A few unexpected turns and twists make the novel drug-crazed.

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