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The Kite Runner Audiobook is the primary novel by Afghan-American creator Khaled Hosseini. It recounts the tale of Amir, a little youngster from the Wazir Akbar Khan a locale of Kabul. The story is set against a background of turbulent occasions, from the fall of Afghanistan’s government through the Soviet attack, the mass migration of displaced people to Pakistan and the United States, and the ascent of the Taliban system.

The Kite Audiobook – Details And Review:

Name: The Kite Audiobook.
Author: Khaled Hosseini.
Published: May 29, 2003
Series: None.
Genre: Novel, Drama, Historical Fiction, Bildungsroman, Literary realism.
Rating: 4.3 Star Review.

The kite runner audiobook

In the initial two years following its distribution, north of 70,000 hardback duplicates of The Kite Runner Unabridged Audio were sold alongside 1,250,000 softcover duplicates. However, the book sold well in hardback, “Kite Runner’s notoriety didn’t actually start to take off until 2004.

Plot Review:

Amir, a wealthy Pashtun kid, and Hassan, a Hazara kid who is the child of Ali, Amir’s dad’s worker, go through their days kite battling in the now serene city of Kabul. Flying kites was a method for getting away from the terrible reality the two young men were living in.

Hassan is a fruitful “kite sprinter” for Amir; he knows where the kite will land without watching it. Both young men are motherless: Amir’s mom kicked the bucket in labor, while Hassan’s mom, Sanaubar, basically deserted him and Ali. Amir’s dad, a well-off vendor Amir warmly alludes to as Baba, loves both young men.

He tries purchasing Hassan the very same things as Amir, to Amir’s irritation. He even pays to have Hassan’s congenital fissure precisely remedied.

About the Author:

Khaled Hosseini is an Afghan-American writer and UNHCR altruism ambassador. His debut novel The Kite Runner (2003) was a basic and business achievement.

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