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1491 Audiobook American author and science writer Charles C. Mann wrote the 2005 non-fiction book New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus about the Americas before Columbus arrived.

1491 Audiobook

Exploring ‘1491 Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus Audiobook approach was described as “in the best scientific tradition, carefully sifting the evidence, never jumping to hasty conclusions, giving everyone a fair hearing” in a 2005 The New York Times book review.

1491 Audiobook Unabridged is a popular historical Fiction Novel written by Charles C. Mann. It was originally published on October 10th 2006. The book follows the genres of History, Non-Fiction, Science, Historical, Audiobook, and literature. It has a rating of 4.04 Star Reviews on GoodReads.


Mann’s arguments are based on a variety of recent re-evaluations of long-held views about the world before the Colonies. These re-evaluations are based on new research in fields like demography, climatology, epidemiology, economics, botany, genetics, image analysis, palynology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and soil science.

Although Mann acknowledges controversies and the absence of a consensus, he asserts that the current general trend among scientists is to acknowledge: a) Native American population levels were probably higher than scientists usually thought, closer to the number estimated by “high counters.” b) Humans probably arrived in the Americas earlier than previously thought, travelling to the New World in multiple waves (not just over the Bering land bridge in a short period).

Compared to what was previously thought, there was a greater degree of cultural advancement and a wider range of human settlement.

About The Author (Charles C. Mann):

Charles C. Mann is an American journalist and author who was born in 1955 and focuses on scientific subjects. His 2006 publication, 1491: The National Academies Communication Award for Best Book of the Year was given to New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus.

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