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A Dance With Dragons Audiobook is the fifth part book of the successful novel series titled ‘a song of ice and fire’. The book series is authored by the renowned award-winning author – George R. R. Martin. A dance with dragons is a successful novel part of the celebrated fantasy fiction series called A song of ice and fire. The novel was published in 2011 by the Voyager Books and Bantam Spectra in the US, UK and all around the globe. The book went on to become nominated for several award categories and won many as well.

A dance with dragons audiobook

A Dance With Dragons Audiobook – Novel Review And Details:

The story begins in the book with the King Stannis ordering his army away through the wall. Jon Snow is also seen as in the role of the commander whilst Mance Ryder births a baby.

Critical Acclaim

A Dance With Dragons Audiobook is ranked on top of the best-selling USA Today and Publisher’s weekly list in 2012. It was also raked as the best novel by the New York Times list. The book is also recipient of the Locus award after being nominated in several other award categories.

Television Adaptation

Like A Feast For Crows, a dance with dragons has not been adopted fully into a television series or season. However, for the television series called A Game of Thrones, parts of the novel have surely been made part of the 5th season. There are parts of the story that are also inspiring scenes in season 4, 6 and 3 as well.

Name: A Dance with Dragons Audiobook.
Author: George R. R. Martin
Series: A Song of Ice and Fire Audiobook.
Genre: Political, Fiction And Fantasy.
Date of Publishing: July 12, 2011.
Followed By: The Winds of Winter‎.
Rating: 4.3.

About Author (George R. R. Martin):

George R. R. Martin an American born author. Born in 1948, a song of ice and fire series is his best-selling work till present date. He is an occupational novelist, screenplay writer, and producer.

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A Dance With Dragons Audiobook is presented by Random Voice Studio. Its 5 book in the A Song of ice and fire series. The Audiobook Is in 8 Parts.

A Dance With Dragons Audiobook


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