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[Listen][Download] “And Then There Were None Audiobook” By Agatha Christie

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Agatha Christie, writer of one of the mystery novels named, And Then There Were None Audiobook. She described that it is one of the most difficult books of her novels to write. The original title of the book is Ten Little Niggers. It is categorized in the genre of mystery, crime, psychological thriller and horror. The novel was published on 6th November 1939, by Collins Crime Club. It was preceded by Murder is Easy and followed by Sad Cypress.

And Then There Were None Audiobook

Exploring ‘And Then There Were None Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

The fundamental and universal ideas are explored in this book by the author. The main theme which has been explained by the author is the administration of justice because most of the murder mysteries ensure that the murderer should pay for his or her deed. It also elaborates on the effects of guilt on one’s conscience, because every character in the novel has committed a crime and thus explores human responses to the burden of a guilty conscience.

And Then There Were None Audiobook is a popular novel written by Agatha Christie. It was originally published on 6 November 1939. It falls under the genres of Mystery, Crime, Thriller, and Horror. The book has a rating of 4.3 Star Review on Good Reads.

Plot Review:

And Then There Were None CDAudioboook opens up with the invitation in which ten people are summoned to Indian Island by various people. They each have been involved in the murder of others in one or another way.

In this novel, the author describes how everyone feels uneasy, some are feeling guilty about the crimes they have committed and others are worried about their safety. In the end, everyone was dead and the police were confused by an unsolvable crime.

About Author (Agatha Christie):

Agatha Christie was an English writer and is known for her fictional detective stories. She wrote about sixty-six detective novels and fourteen short stories. She contributed much to the literature.

Listen To And Then There Were None Audiobook Free: Free Length MP 3:

The Novel, And Then There Were None MP 3 Free is given below in 4 parts which include all the chapters of the book. So start listening to it today and Enjoy!

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  • Am I missing something? There’s doesn’t seem to be a way to put this in my Google Audiobooks. When I go back to the page to resume hearing the story I find out it has reset back to the beginning.
    This makes the book very difficult to listen to if I can’t find my place where I left off the story.

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