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[Listen][Download] “Animal Farm Audiobook” By George Orwell

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Animal Farm Audiobook by George Orwell is a popular socio-political novel that was published originally in England on August 17, 1945. The novel originally reflects the events and happenings of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the ongoing events and stories of the Soviet Union. However, the writer has reflected these stories in a very different manner and tried to resemble them a fictional revolution of animals (Pigs) against humans. It showed that the animals have become clever and they want equal rights as that of humans as a result of which pigs started a revolution.

animal farm audiobook

Exploring ‘Animal Farm Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

The has been one of the most controversial books of its time. On the face of it, the novel is narrating a fictional story of a future where animals have become clever and want equal rights as men, among which pigs started a revolution for their rights. But in reality, Animal Farm CDAudiobook is referring to the Russian Revolution of 1917, the steps which started this revolution, the events of the revolution and the time during the soviet union. The happenings of the fictional and real revolution are so similar that one can easily relate the two.

Animal Farm Unabridged Audiobook is written by George Orwell. The novel was originally published in England on August 17, 1945. It falls under the genre of socio-political category. The novel has a star rating of 3.9 Rating on Good Reads.

Novel Plot:

Animal Farm MP 3 starts with a fictional story of a future where animals have become more clever now and can speak fluent English. These animals have started asking for their equal rights as of men. Pigs who can speak English have started a revolution and are the leaders of other animals.

In Animal Farm Audiobook the first leader of animals that is a pig, Old Major, is of a kind and pleasant heart and treats all animals equally. The second leader Napoleon was unjust and tried to give preference to pigs over other animals. He was also not good with his brother and tried to murder him so that he could be the only leader.

Name: Animal Farm Audiobook.
Author: George Orwell.
Genre: Socio-Political.
Series: None.
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace, and Company.
Publishing Date: August 17, 1945.
Rating: 3.9

About The Author (George Orwell):

George Orwell is the pen name of popular English writer Eric Arthur Blair. He was popular for his novel and essay writing skills. George Orwell has written much on political, social, and society-related topics. His work of recognition includes Animal Farms, 1945, 1949, and many others.

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Animal Farms MP 3 is given below in 6 parts which include all the chapters of the book. Start listening to it and enjoy.

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