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[Listen][Download] “Broken Prince Audiobook” (The Royals Series Book#2) – By Erin Watt

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Broken Prince Audiobook is part of the celebrated book series titled ‘The Royals’ that is authored by the amazing and young aspiring writer Erin Watt. The Broken Prince is an instalment of The Royals Audiobook Series. It has been authored by an American writer, novelist and poet Erin Watt. The book was published from a direct source in 2016. It is based on young fiction and romance, drama genres. It is available in paperback and hardcover.

Broken Prince Audiobook

Exploring ‘Broken Prince Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

Broken Prince CDAudiobook is a sneak peek story that allows you to see beyond the glitters and everything that is gold in the royal world. It is a world that is full of suppressed hatred, jealousy and enmity. Reed is the prince who has it all in the royal household but all he wants is love that he finds in Ella. But is it forever?

Reader’s review

The Broken Prince Audiobook went on to become a very well-received book from the royal novel series. The book was applauded by the critics for its engaging writing style and realistically dramatic storyline. According to a leading publication, the book is all rainbows and glitters but in a very relatable manner.

The readers also loved the book. It was already a part of a successful book series so the anticipation was already built amongst the audiences. The book surely delivered in terms of quality content and is ranked as one of the best-sellers of the entire series.

About Author (Erin Watt):

Erin Watt is the author of the book ‘the broken prince’. She is the daughter of the renowned authors and intellectuals Jen Frederick and Elle Kennedy. Hence, it is only believed that she was destined to be amazing in her writing works. Her book series titled ‘The Royals’ became a phenomenal success globally. She has also ranked at the top of the New York Times list as a best-selling author.

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The broken Prince MP 3 by Erin Watt is presented in a clear voice. The audiobook includes all chapters and is mentioned below.

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