Crazy Rich Asians Audiobook (Series, Book# 1) – By Kevin Kwan

Crazy Rich Asians Audiobook

Crazy Rich Asians Audiobook is a mocking 2013 rom-com novel by Kevin Kwan. Kwan expressed that his expectation recorded as a hard copy of the novel was to “acquaint a contemporary Asia with a North American crowd”. He guaranteed the novel was approximately founded on his own adolescence in Singapore. Crazy Rich Asians Audiobook – … Read more

China Rich Girlfriend Audiobook (Crazy Rich Asian, # 2) – By Kevin Kwan

China Rich Girlfriend Audiobook

China Love Rich Girlfriend Audiobook Kevin Kwan’s 2015 Love Comedy Novel. This is a series of Asians written by Crazy Rich, a novel about the wealthy of Singapore. This article refers to a series of novels in which Nick’s mother, Eleanor, expands China’s billion-dollar fortunes, not just a few million daily. They are the greatest … Read more