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The romantic comedy novel, Crazy Rich Asians Audiobook is a mocking novel and is written by Kevin Kwan. This book was published in 2013. Kevin in his interview stated that the main intention or purpose in writing this novel was to introduce modern Asia to a North American audience.

crazy rich asians audiobook

Crazy Rich Asians Audiobook – Details And Review:

Kevin in his novel exposes the reality of best Singaporean affluence, widespread with tittle-tattle scandal. This novel is a boisterous read set in the lives of Singapore’s affluence. Kevin in this novel narrates about a poor girl who finds her Prince Charming-and is then sent into the outrageous, splashy catty world of the Singapore elite. In this book, the author portraits an Asian cast. It is not wrong to say that the story built the foundation for novels like Pride and Prejudice and Cinderella.

Crazy Rich Asians Audiobook is a popular novel written by Kevin Kwan. It is the first book in the Crazy Rich Asians Series Audiobook. The Novel was originally published on June 11, 2013. The novel falls under the genre of Domestic Fiction. It has a rating of 3.8 Star Rating on Goodreads.

Plot Review:

Crazy Rich Asians Audiobook is about the two love birds, Nick and Rachel. Rachel by profession is a New York University professor of Economic. She was born in Cupertino, California. She is living a typical middle-class life with her single mother. Her boyfriend Nick, who is also the professor at New York University takes her to meet his family in Singapore. Regardless, os his wealth, he was raised to be a humble person and to maintain a low profile.

He takes her simple girlfriend to have a meeting with his family, and he was confident that his family will approve her, but things turn out very difficult and different than he expects. Plot twists and Rachel have a breakup with Nick. But Nick never gives up on her and ensure to make everything possible. Twists happen and Rachel’s mom spills secret about Rachel’s real father and gives her the reason why she had to smuggle her out of China for so long. In the end, a happy ending causes the reconciliation of Rachel and Nick.

About Author (Kevin Kwan):

Kevin Kwan was born on 1973/1974 in Singapore and is an American novelist. He is known for his mocking and ironic novels i.e, Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend, and Rich People Problems. Time Magazine’s in 2014 list him as 100 most influential people.

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