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Dawnshard Audiobook is a novella including Rysn and the team of the boat Wandersail heading out to Aimia. A piece of The Stormlight Archive series, it is set among Oathbringer and Rhythm of War and happens three months after the finish of Oathbringer.

Dawnshard Audiobook

Dawnshard Audiobook – Details And Review:

Due to the engaging and unique nature of the novella, Dawnshard CD received huge praises from readers and critics all across the globe. It has been reviewed positively mostly.

Dawnshard Audiobook Unabridged is a popular Epic Fantasy Novella written by Brandon Sanderson. The book was originally published on November 10th, 2020. It is Novella in The Stormlight Archive Series. The Novella follows the genre of Fantasy, Fiction, Epic, Short Story, Adventure, and Novella. It has a rating of 4.5 Star Review on GoodReads.

Plot Review:

Yalb serves on board a Thaylen transport adrift as it finds the First Dreams getting back from Aimia without its team. Rysn chooses to go to Urithiru with her doorman Nikli to meet with Navani to examine the details of a campaign to Aimia – she looks for a remedy for Chiri who has become sick, and Queen Fen looks for a solution to the vanishing of the First Dreams group, and Navani looks for data about the Oathgate on Akinah.

Pleasing terms are met, including the expansion of Lopen, Huio, and Rushu to the campaign and the Wandersail withdraws. During the journey, a few “signs” manifest which alarms the group and undermines Rysn’s situation as rebsk. She figures out how to assume responsibility and keep the mission above water.

During personal time, Huio coincidentally finds a revelation in regards to the way of behaving of fabrials within the sight of aluminum, which drives Rushu to make a fabrial helped versatility gadget for Rysn.

About The Author (Brandon Sanderson):

Ben McSweeney/nkthinker is an artist and illustrator associated with various of Brandon Sanderson’s works. He has dealt with The Stormlight Archive, Mistborn Eras 1 and 2, including the Elendel Broadsheets, the Mistborn Adventure Game, Arcanum Unbounded, Skyward, and The Rithmatist.

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