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The Dune Audiobook is an American novel that is included in the list of classic scientific fiction books. The novel was published in 1965 by the Chilton Books and Co. The book is written by American author and novelist Frank Herbert and is based on science fiction. The novel is currently available in hardcover and paperback audio versions. The book is part of the Dune novel series.

dune audiobook

Exploring ‘Dune Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

The story of the book is based on science fiction. It is set in the far future of science and technology.

Critical Reception:

Dune Audiobook Free is very well received by the audiences and this is one major reason why it remains to be one of the best science fiction best-sellers of all time. The book went on to receive multiple award nominations and won the Nebula award as well as the prestigious Hugo Award.

Film Adaptations:

Several feature films based on the book have been released over the years. The first film based on Dune the book was released in 1984. This was around twenty years after the book came out. This movie was directed by Lynch. The second adaptation was a mini-television series that was directed by John Harrison. It aired on Sci-Fi Channel in 2000 and 2004 again as a rerun.

Name: Dune Audiobook Free.
Author: Frank Herbert.
Series: Dune Chronicles.
Genre: Science Fiction.
Publishing Date: August 1, 1965.
Followed By: Dune Messiah.
Rating: 4.2

About Author (Frank Herbert):

Franklin Patrick Herbert Jr. is an American-born author, novelist, and storyteller. He was born in the United States in 1920 and passed away in 1986. Throughout his lifetime and during his career as a professional writer, Franklin has authored several novels in the scientific fiction genre. His best-selling work to date remains to be his novel ‘Dune’ and the five sequels he wrote to this book.

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Dune Mp 3 By Frank Herbert is Presented by Audible. The Audiobook is presented in 6 Parts which include all the chapters of the novel in a clear voice.

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