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[Listen][Download] “Fahrenheit 451 Audiobook” By Ray Bradbury

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Fahrenheit 451 Audiobook is a fictional genre book written by Ray Bradbury. The Publishing Year of the book is 1953. It has been translated into more than 40+ languages. The book comprises over 153 pages.

Fahrenheit 451 Audiobook

Exploring ‘Fahrenheit 451 Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

Fahrenheit 451 Unabridged Audiobook is divided into three parts. The story is based on the unreal character of Guy Montag. The main lead of the novel leads to a dystopian life.

Fahrenheit 451 Audiobook Science Fiction book written by Ray Bradbury. The publishing Date of the book is October 19, 1953. The book is categorized as Novel, Science Fiction, Fiction Audiobooks, and Dystopian Fiction. Overall, the rating of the book is 4 4-star reviews on GoodReads.

Critical Acclaim:

Fahrenheit 451 Audiobook was published many decades ago but is still popular for being a very celebrated American literature book. At the time of release, the book got mixed reviews from the audiences but over the years, the popularity of the novel has grown massively.

One year after its publication, the book won the American Academy of Arts and Letters Literature Award in 1954. Fahrenheit 451 is also part of the Hall of Fame Prometheus Award. It is also the recipient of several other awards including the retro Hugo award and spoken word Grammy nomination.

Film Adaptation:

Owing to its immense popularity over the years, the novel has been adapted into a BBC radio-television series and comic book series as well. A feature film based on the novel has also been released twice. The first movie was released in 1966 directed by Francois Truffaut while the second movie was released in June 2017 under HBO production and direction of Ramin Bahrani.

About Author (Ray Bradbury):

Ray Bradbury is an American author, novelist, and screenplay writer who was born in 1920. He is best known for making immense contributions to modern Science Fictional Literature.

Listen To Fahrenheit 451 Audiobook Free MP 3:

Fahrenheit 451 MP 3 is given below in 4 parts which include all the book chapters. Start listening to it and enjoy.

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