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[Listen][Download] “Good Girl, Bad Blood Audiobook” (Series# 2) By Holly Jackson

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Good Girl, Bad Blood Audiobook is the second book A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Series. Pip, a senior at the school, is back playing detective. Until her best friend Connor’s brother Jamie Reynolds vanished, she swore she would stop solving crimes.

Good Girl, Bad Blood Audiobook

Exploring ‘Good Girl, Bad Blood Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

There were a lot of unexpected turns and turns in the mystery, but in the end, all the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly together.

Good Girl, Bad Blood Audiobook Free is a popular Mysterious Fiction Novel written by Holly Jackson. It was originally published on April 30th 2020. The book is the Second Book in the A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Series. It follows the genres of Mystery, Young Adult, Fiction, Contemporary, Audiobook and Romance. The book has a rating of 4.36 Star Review on GoodReads.

Plot Review:

Pip is no longer a detective. She released a true-crime podcast with the assistance of Ravi Singh about the murder case they solved together last year. Despite the podcast’s success, Pip maintains that her time spent investigating is over. But when someone she knows goes missing, she will have to break that promise.

On the same night that the town held a memorial to commemorate the sixth anniversary of Andie Bell and Sal Singh’s deaths, Jamie Reynolds vanished. There is nothing the police can do about it. And if they don’t look for Jamie, Pip will, reveal more dark secrets about her town and get everyone’s attention this time. Will she, however, locate him before it is too late? Pip has resolved to never again investigate mysteries.

She is now simply keeping her podcast up to date with all of the most recent developments and following the trials from her only investigation. But Pip is aware that she will have to step up once more, even if it means giving up everything when a friend goes missing and the police refuse to act.

About The Author (Holly Jackson):

In 1992, Holly Jackson was born. She experienced childhood in Buckinghamshire and began composing stories since early on, finishing her first (poor) endeavour at a book matured fifteen.

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