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Hatchet Audiobook is a novel that is written by American writer and novelist Gary Paulsen. The book is a classic American literary novel published in 1987. The book ‘Hatchet’ was published in 1987 by the Kevin Lain publishers. The book is authored by Gary Paulsen and is part of the Brain’s Saga novel series.

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Hatchet Audiobook – Novel Review And Details:

The storyline of the book Hatchet revolves around a young 13-year-old boy named Brian Robeson. He lives with his mother in Hampton who is divorced from his father. He plans to visit his father in a private plane to North Canada. His father lives there. During the flight, the pilot of the plan suffers a heart stroke as a result of which he dies. Brian makes efforts to land the plane to a safe spot but hits a forest and crashes there. He is stuck in the deserted forest on his own with only a Hatchet that his mother gifted him prior to departure with him as his sole companion.

Critical Reception

The Hatchet Audiobook is a very interesting and engaging storyline that revolves around a young boy who belongs to a broken home and is learning his way to survive on his own the hard way. The novel in many ways connected well with the audiences and garnered great praise from the critics as well. The author, Gary Paulsen, was greatly appreciated for his writing style as well. The book went on to receive the Newbery honorary award in 1988.

Movie Adaptation

The novel has been adapted into a feature film that was released in 1990. The movie based on the book’s story is titled “A cry in the wild”.

About Author (Gary Paulsen):

The novel is authored by Gary Paulsen. He is an American-born author and novelist that has expertise in writing books on young fiction.

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The Hatch Audiobook by Gary Paulsen is presented in 1 Complete Part which includes all the 40 chapters of the novel. The audiobook is in a clear voice and easily understandable.

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