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[Listen][Download] “Heart of Darkness Audiobook” By Joseph Conrad

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Heart of Darkness Audiobook is a novella written by Joseph Conrad, published in 1902, and barely consists of 100 pages. The story dramatizes the life of a sailor. This book is considered one of the major works of Joseph Conrad, and consists of three sections, each section is fast-forwarded to the next one.

heart of darkness audiobook

Exploring ‘Heart of Darkness Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

In Heart of Darkness Unabridged, the novella tells the story of the steamboat journey that is handled by its captain Marlow. The main theme of the story comprises the journey towards an unnamed African river with the help of his employers, to bring back the trader, Mr. Kurtz. It is fascinating to see Heart of Darkness as a moral story on human nature. Despite a lot of declarations by Conrad, this is indeed an invaluable historical document contributing a brief book into the human consequences of sovereign power.

Heart of Darkness Audiobook is a popular novel written by Joseph Conrad. The Novel was originally published in the English Language in 1902. The Genre of the book is fiction, Novel. It has a rating of 3.4 Star Rating on Goodreads.

Marlow was called upon a trip down the river Cango, as a pilot, and to search for an ivory agent, named Kurtz, as part of the British Colonial interest, in an unnamed African country. He disappeared without any trace, worry that he’d been kidnapped or been killed by the tribes. Although Marlow found Kurtz, he was found in a severely ill condition and did not survive the journey back with Marlow.

He must have to break this news to Kutrz’z fiancé, but he is unable, to tell the truth, and lies about what had happened and how Kurtz died, because of the cold light of the modern world.

About Author (Joseph Conrad):

Joseph Conrad was a Polish-British writer and is regarded as the greatest novelist to write in the English Language. His work contains elements of realism. Heart of Darkness is one of his great works, influenced many authors.

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