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[Listen][Download] Islands of Mercy Audiobook – By Rose Tremain

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Islands of Mercy Audiobook is an original that lights the faculties and is an intense investigation of the human desire to look for spots of safe haven in a coldblooded world. The Book has been a popular Historic Fiction Novel. It was originally published in 2020.

Island of Mercy Audiobook

Islands of Mercy Audiobook – Details And Review:

Readers reviewed Islands of Mercy CD positively due to its genre and storyline. It got popularity amongst readers everywhere. Media journals and critics also reviewed this novel positively.

Islands of Mercy Audiobook is a popular Historic Fiction Novel written by Rose Tremain. The book was originally published in 2020. It follows the genre of Historical Fiction, LGBT, Adult, Book, Novel. The book has a rating of 3.7 Star Review on GoodReads.


In the city of Bath, in the year 1865, an exceptional young lady eminent for her nursing abilities is persuaded that some other predetermination will one day show itself to her. Be that as it may, when she ends up conflicted between a perilous undertaking with a female sweetheart and the guarantee of a regular union with a clearly good specialist, her cravings start to lead her towards a future she had never envisioned.

In the meantime, on the wild island of Borneo, an erratic British ‘rajah’, Sir Ralph Savage, spilling over with altruism yet compromised by his interests, sees his plans perseveringly subverted by his own delicacy, by man’s natural avarice, and by the obtrusive force of the actual timberland.

Jane’s mission for a modified life and Sir Ralph’s undertakings become locked together as the story ventures across the globe – from the limits of an English lunch nook to the rainforests of a tropical island by means of the ghettos of Dublin and the offensive extravagant dress shops of Paris.

About The Author (Rose Tremain):

Rose Tremain’s smash hit books have won many honors, including the Baileys Women’s Prize, the Whitbread Novel of the Year, the James Tait Black Memorial Prize, and the Prix Femina Etranger. Rebuilding, the first of her books to highlight Robert Merivel, was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. She lives in Norfolk and London with the biographer Richard Holmes.

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