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Life of Pi Audiobook is written by Yann Martel and was published on 11th September 2001 by Knopf Canada. It is the Canadian philosophical novel. The leading character of the novel is Piscine Molitor Pi Patel, who is an Indian Tamil boy. More than ten million copies of the novel have been sold worldwide.

life of pi audiobook

Life of Pi Audiobook – Review And Details:

Life of Li Unabridged Audiobook is about the Indian Tamil boy Pi Patel who belongs to Pondicherry and has an ability to explore issues of metaphysics and spirituality from an early age. The novel tells the fantastical story about how the boy survives at sea with a tiger Richard Parker for 227 days. He grows up in the South Indian city of Pondicherry and his father runs the zoo. He also adopted Christianity and Islam but by birth he was Hindu. He considered himself devotee to all three religions.

Life of Pi Audiobook Free is a popular novel written by Yann Martel. The book was originally published on September 11, 2001 by Random House of Canada. The book falls under the genre of Novel, Psychological Fiction, Adventure fiction. It has a rating of 3.9 Star Rating on Good Reads.

Plot Review:

Patel’s family decided to close the zoo and move to Canada. His family boards the Tsimtsum along with the zoo’s animal inhabitants. The author narrates that an event causes Tsimtsum to sink and Pi is the only human onto the lifeboat and survive, along with an adult male tiger Richard Parker. Pi builds a raft that is attached to the lifeboat to keep himself at a safer distance from the tiger.

They both get blind because of the severe period of starvation. Pi and the tiger eventually landed on the Mexican beach and there the tiger immediately runs off into the jungle. Pi finds it deeply hurtful. After getting better he went to Canada, where he studied at higher school and then studied Religion and Zoology at the University of Toronto. He still thinks of his companion Richard Parker and hurt by his final desertion.

About The Author (Yann Martel):

Yann Martel was born on 25th June 1963 in Spain. He is best known for the Man Booker Prize-winning novel Life of Pi. It is an international bestseller novel published in more than 50 territories.

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