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Monster Audiobook is the most awaited novel that will pleasantly surprise readers with its killing descriptions. The amazing book Monster is authored by Walter Dean Myers. The book was originally published in 2005 by Thomas Nelson. A monster lies in the genre of suspense, and horror fiction with a page count of 427. The book is wrapped with evil and huge monsters, secret plots, camping trips and scary noises.

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Monster Audiobook – Novel Details And Review:

The supernatural Christian Thrilling story of Monster revolves around a shy woman Rebecca, married to Deputy Sheriff Reed. It is Reed who plans for a wilderness training so that her wife could overcome the fears. It is true that camping is not easy so proper measures will let you enjoy the adventure but in the dense woods of Idaho, Reed owns a blurry image of huge creature taking his wife deep into woods. As the story proceeds he realizes something is trying to hunt them.

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The full-length novel Monster Audiobook offers a thrilling story to the audience. The detailed descriptions and captivating story enable readers to visualize every scene like a good movie. However, it is well caught by critic because of a high level of suspense and mystery presented by a Christian author. Mystery continues till the end of story enabling readers to assume what is vicious more than a bear in woods that is following them.

Movie Adaptation

Even though the monster is a graphic novel but still its movie or comic version is not well thought-out.

About Author (Walter Dean Myers):

Walter Dean Myers is well-known for his writing and focuses on fictional and supernatural stories. He is titled as New York Times best-selling author born on 13th January 1951. Frank is popular and famous for his tremendous success to conjure up monsters, demons, and angels that builds fascination in the reader’s mind. With hard work and determination, the struggled writer became an international bestseller by offering teens with page-turning stories.

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