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[Listen][Download] “Morning Star Audiobook” (Red Rising Saga, #3)By Pierce Brown

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Morning Star Audiobook is a Scientific Genre-based novel Authorised by young aspiring American author Pierce Brown. The book Morning Star is the third part of the trilogy novel series Red Rising. It was nominated for many awards among which New York’s Time was the most popular achievement.

morning star audiobook

Exploring ‘Morning Star Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

The Morning Star’s Audiobook Unabridged storyline moves ahead in continuation of its previous parts. The main character Darrow is depicted to have suffered greatly from the turmoil and torture in prison. All the years in jail affected his physical, mental, and emotional well-being a great deal. However, despite his battered condition he needs to escape prison sooner rather than later because he needs to find Victra.

Morning Star Audiobook Free is a popular Science Fiction Novel written by Pierce Brown. Publishing Date of the novel is February 9, 2016. The book is the Third “Red Rising Saga Audiobook Series“. It follows the genre of Science Fiction Audiobook Novels. Overall, The book has a rating of 4.5 Star Review on GoodReads.

Listener’s review:

The Morning Star CD by Peirce Brown opened on day 1 to very positive reviews from the audiences. In addition to the readers, the critics also had immense praise for the book.

The engaging storyline and ambitious writing style were some of the highlights of the Morning Star book. The novel is also the third part of the Red Rising trilogy series. It was applauded for bringing a wonderful end to the celebrated book series.

Critical Acclamation:

The Morning Star CDAudiobook was ranked on the number one spot of the New York Times best-selling list for a good part of 2016. Several leading publications including EntertainmenWeeklyly,, Booklist, Publishers Weekly, and Kirkus praised the novel. The immense success of the Red Rising series persuaded Brown to announce a sequel book series.

About The Author (Pierce Brown):

Pierce Brown is an American author. Born in 1989, Brown managed to become very popular and achieve a lot of success at a very young age. He is a professional novelist, column writer, and author. His best-selling novel series is the Red Rising series.

Listen To Morning Star Audiobook Full MP 3:

The Morning Star MP 3 has been narrated by red-rising books. The Audiobook is available in 8 parts which include Chapters 1-70.

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  • Would you guys PLEASE Upload “IRON GOLD” by Pierce Brown.
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    It is the first book in the next trilogy that Follows the “Red Rising Saga” Trilogy, which consists of
    #1 “Red Rising”, #2 “Morning Star” and #3 “Golden Son”
    You guys have Already uploaded book #2 “Morning Star“ & #3 “Golden Son” BUT you Do Not have the very FIRST book #1 in the Red Rising Saga, called “RED RISING” released January 28,2014.
    You guys should def upload that one. This is a FANTASTIC Series that crosses genres. So many people Love these books!! And the Audiobooks are just awesome!! The narrators do an amazing job!!

    Please Upload “RED RISING”
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