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[Listen][Download] “Of Mice And Men Audiobook” By John Steinbeck

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Of Mice And Men Audiobook is an American novel. It is a classic that is written by novelist John Steinbeck and was published in 1937. Of Mice and Men is an American novel that is termed an American classic. The novel was published in 1937 by the renowned Covici Friede publishers at the time.

of mice and men audiobook

Exploring ‘Of Mice And Men Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

Of Mice And Men Audiobook Unabridged of the novel is set in the period of the Great Depression. The story of the book’s center on the main characters of George Milton and Lennie Small who are two field workers and they work together in the fields during the time of the great depression. They have to flee from work one day after Lennie is accused of raping a woman in the fields. George decides to support Lennie against the accusations putting his job and life both at risk.

Of Mice And Men, Audiobook Free received a great positive response from the audiences. The book was also praised and applauded by leading publications and their critics of the time. The book has gone down in American literature as one of the best, most engaging and heart-pumping stories that have been penned in the most seamless, smooth and clean manner imaginable.

of Mice And Men is written by a novelist, author and book writer John Steinbeck. The book was originally published in the United States but was later distributed to other parts of the world as well. The book has been translated into twenty-seven international languages so far.

About Author (John Steinbeck):

This book has been written by author and novelist John Ernst Steinbeck Jr. He was born in the US in 1902 and authored more than 27 books in his career span. The author is American and has been awarded a Novel Prize in the field of English literature.

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