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[Listen][Download] “One Good Deed Audiobook” By David Baldacci

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The novel One Good Deed Audiobook is the creation of New York Times Bestseller author David Baldacci. In this novel, he captured the events and times perfectly with fine beauty, authenticity and flawless prose. The novel was published on 22nd July 2019. David Baldacci is one of the world’s bestselling thriller writers.

one good deed audiobook

Exploring ‘One Good Deed Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

One Good Deed CD is about the family secrets and the murder that took place under Archer’s nose, also readers can feel a touch of romance with deeply-felt revenge, along with the twist of all twists. All these facts make up the perfect image with turning thriller points. This novel is best for readers who love to read mystery and crime. In this novel author portrays how Aloysius Archer hopes to start a new peaceful life after completing a prison sentence for a crime, he didn’t even commit.

One Good Deed Audiobook Unabridged is a popular novel written by David Baldacci. The book was originally published on July 9, 2019. The book falls under the genre of Historical Fictional Novel. It has a rating of 4.1 Star Rating on Goodreads.

Plot Review:

Aloysius Archer in 1949, when arrives in the dusty Southern town of Poca city, has nothing with him, but a handful of dollars, the clothes he is wearing and an appointment letter with his new parole officer. Now Archer is looking for a fresh and peaceful life. Archer meets Hank Pittleman who is the local business tycoon on his first night of freedom. Hank Pittleman offers Archer handsome compensation but he has to work as his debt collector.

But soon Archer realizes that recovering the debt for Hank won’t be so easy. The indebted man refuses to pay because he has a strong grudge against Hank. Archer’s parole officer, Miss Crabtree, keeps a sharp eye on him. When a murder takes place, the authorities label Archer as a suspect and police intuitions rise against the ex-convict, but Archer uses his every skill to track down the real killer.

About Author (David Baldacci):

David Baldacci wrote thirty-nine novels for adults and all are rewarded as bestsellers. He also published seven novels for young readers. He is the New York Times Bestseller Thriller writer.

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