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[Listen][Download] “Pinocchio Audiobook” By Carlo Collodi

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Carlo Collodi wrote the classic children’s book “Pinocchio Audiobook” which was first published in 1883. It tells the story of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet who longs to become a real boy. The novel’s imaginative storytelling, vivid characters, and morality and redemption themes have received widespread praise.

Pinocchio Audiobook


Exploring ‘Pinocchio Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

Pinocchio Audiobook Unabridged” has received overwhelmingly positive critical reviews. One of the best works of children’s literature, the novel has been translated into more than 300 languages. Numerous motion pictures, television shows, and stage productions have adapted it.

Pinocchio Audiobook is a popular Children’s Italian Literature written by Carlo Collodi. The book was originally published on February 1, 1883. It follows the genre of classics, fiction, fantasy, children’s, Italian literature, Italy and adventure. It has a rating of 3.8 Star Review on GoodReads.

Plot Review:

The adventures of the mischievous wooden puppet who is brought to life by a fairy are the focus of the plot of “Pinocchio.” Pinocchio’s father, the woodcarver Geppetto, tells him to stay out of trouble, but he finds himself in several funny and dangerous situations.

He is tempted to lie and act selfishly by characters like the sly fox and the wicked cat, and he frequently gets in trouble for it. Pinocchio picks up valuable lessons about bravery, honesty, and the value of taking advice from others as his adventures continue. Pinocchio eventually grows up to be a real boy after learning the value of responsibility and the repercussions of his actions through his trials and tribulations.

About the Author (Carlo Collodi):

Born in 1826, Carlo Collodi was an Italian journalist and author. “Pinocchio,” which he wrote as a series of serialized tales, quickly became a popular children’s book. Despite the book’s success, Collodi died in 1890, just a few years after “Pinocchio” was published. Throughout his life, he struggled financially.

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