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[Listen][Download] Press Pause Audiobook – By Miranda Hersey

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Your life is yours and there is no need to feel frazzled. Press Pause Audiobook is a book that reminds readers to live your life fully and to honor self-care. This book is written by Miranda Hersey and was published on 7th August 2018. The book consists of a variety of ideas and suggestions to make one’s life better. This book is full of different ideas that can provoke readers to ensure such strategies which can be helpful in making their lives much stronger, healthier and comfortable.

press pause audiobook

Press Pause Audiobook – Review And Details:

The author in the novel prioritizes the self-care. Each page gives us a guide, that how we can fulfill our needs in refreshing ways and how one can achieve goals to comfort themselves. The book is the inspiration for the readers to find ways of renewed energy. She also explains that giving yourself the gift of minutes a day, id the key to well-being. By starting with Press Pause, you can reduce your stress, can improve your health and the degree of happiness. Must feel that you’re at your best, don’t ever consider what others will think about you.

Press Pause Audiobook is a popular Self Helped Book written by Miranda Hersey. The Book was originally published on August 7, 2018. It falls under the Genre of Self Help, Motivation. The Book has a rating of 4.3 Star Rating on GoodReads.

Plot Review:

The key points discussed in the novel are as follows:

  • It guides the readers with the expedition of self-care.
  • It explains the facts by using inspiring quotations.
  • Different insightful quotations are also discussed that what you need to feel comfortable, safe and happy.
  • To take care other first must focus on taking care of yourself.
  • Find ways that support your mental, physical and spiritual health. Those ways must feel comfortable for you.
  • Little secrets with powerful promises make you healthier and stronger.

About Author (Miranda Hersey):

Miranda Hersey is a certified creativity coach and aaa life-design facilitator. She is the author of journals i.e, THE POWER OF QUIET, LIFE BY DESIGN and PRESS PAUSE. In 2019, she won the Rilla Askew Short Fiction Prize.

Listen To Press Pause Audiobook Full Free MP 3:

Press Pause Mp 3 is given below in 2 parts which include all the chapters of the book. So start listening to it today and refrain the order of your lifestyle.

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