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Seveneves Audiobook is a top-ranking American novel authored by Neal Town Stephenson. The book is very popularly categorized in the Scientific Fictional Genre. The book is published in the English language and is based on Scientific Fiction. The storyline of the book is based on a space traveling subject.

seveneves audiobook

Seveneves Audiobook – Novel Details And Review:

The storyline of the book Seveneves MP 3 revolves around an event that shocked the people on earth because of being very unexpected. The moon becomes disintegrated and this turns out to be an event that is completely unforeseen by people on the earth. The book has been divided into sections to allow the story to a movie in continuation flow.

Seveneves Audiobook is a popular Science Fiction Novel Written by Neal Stephenson. Publishing Date of the novel is May 19, 2015. It follows the genre of Science Fiction Audiobooks. The novel has a rating of 4 Star Review on GoodReads.

Reader’s Review

The book managed to garner positive responses by both the critics as well as the audiences. Many leading publications like; Chicago Tribune, the guardian, and publisher’s weekly issued statements praising the novel. Booklist also praised the book was being a wholesome reading experience. Bill Gates names the novel as a must-read for 2016. The novel became the recipient of the Prometheus Award in 2016. It was also included in the best nominations for the Hugo Award in 2016.

Film Adaptation

A film adaptation of the best-selling novel has been announced. Under the production of Skydance Media Group, the flick is scheduled to be released as a feature film running 1:30 to 2:15 hour time. William Broyles Jr. has been named the screenplay writer for the book whilst the film will be directed by Ron Howard.

About Author (Neal Stephenson):

Neal Stephenson is the author of Seveneves. The American-born author was born in 1959 and is best known for his writing work on Scientific Fiction Audiobooks, cyberpunk, and baroque genre.

Listen To Seveneves Audiobook Full Free MP 3:

Seveneves Audio is given below in 7 Parts which include all the chapters of the book. Start listening to it and enjoy.

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