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[Listen][Download] Shadows of Self Audiobook – By Brandon Sanderson

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Shadows of Self Audiobook is an American novel. It is authored by American novelist – Brandon Sanderson. The book is part of the Mistborn novel series. Shadows of Self is an American novel that is written by celebrated writer Brandon Sanderson. The book is based on high fantasy and young fictional genre.

Shadows of Self Audiobook

Shadows of Self Audiobook – Review And Details:

The book is part of the celebrated ‘Mistborn’ novel series. It is also part of the Wax and Wayne series. The book was published in 2015 by the Tor Books Publishers. The book is currently available in hardcover, print media paperback, and e-book. An audio version of the book voiced over by Isaac Stewart has also been recently released.

The plot of this novel moves ahead in continuation as it is the 5th part of the novel series. The story centers on the characters and theme of the novel series. The story continues from where it ended in the previous novel ‘Alloy of Law’. The characters are one of the strongest entity of the story.

Critical Reception

Shadows of Self Audiobook is part of the celebrated and popular novel series Mistborn and Wax & Wayne. Hence, it was already anticipated by the readers prior to its release and luckily upon publication, it managed to wow over the audiences greatly as well. The audiences were very happy with the engaging storyline and with how well the characters were shaped. The book also became a success with the critics and ranked top on the New York Times Best-Selling novel list in E-book version.

About Author (Brandon Sanderson):

The book is written by American born author and novelist Brandon Sanderson. Brandon is a professional author who has expertise in writing stories based on mischief and thriller genres. He has famously authored the ‘mistborn’ novel series.

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Listen To Shadows of Self Audiobook Full Free MP 3:

Shadows of Self Audiobook is written by Brandon Sanderson, and presented by Audible. The Audiobook is present in 8 parts including all chapters of the novel.

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