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Six of Crows Audiobook: is a fantasy fiction novel. It is authored by Leigh Bardugo. The book is part of a two-novel series titled Six of Crows Series. Six of crows is a fantasy fiction and young fiction genre novel. The book was published in 2015 by the Henry Holt and Co. Publishers. It is authored by celebrated writer and novelist Leigh Bardugo. The book was originally put up for released in the US and later released all around the globe. It is part of a two-book novel series.

Six of Crows Audiobook

Six of Crows Audiobook – Novel Review And Details:

The story of the book revolves around the main character of Kaz Brekker. He is a very defamed thief of the Kerch Town who has never failed in any of his actions or evil deeds even once but then a great challenge comes his way.

Reader’s review

Six of crows audiobook was very well-received not only in the US (where it was originally released) but in other parts of the world as well. It was dubbed as a very comprehensively put together fictional novel engulfing young fantasies and curiosity. The book was praised by several leading publications around the globe such as the Guardian and the Times of India as well. One of the primary things that the book became immensely popular for was its character.

The author was greatly praised for carving out such real-like characters that connected extremely well on an upfront level with the audiences. The immense success of six of crows was followed by great success of its second part; The Crooked Kingdom.

About Author (Leigh Bardugo):

The book is authored by American born author and novelist; Leigh Bardugo. She is a very young aspiring American writer who has achieved great success at a very tender age. She is listed twice as bestselling fictional author.

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