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[Listen][Download] “The Call of the Wild Audiobook” By Jack London

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The novel Call of the Wild Audiobook was written by Jack London. It is an adventurous novel. The book was illustrated by Philip R. Goodwin and Charles Livingston Bull. The cover artist of the book was Charles Edward Hooper. This story can be suited best in the genre of adventure fiction. The book was published in 1903 by Macmillan Publishers. It consists of  232 pages and is followed by White Fang.

The Call of the wild Audiobook

Exploring ‘The Call of the Wild Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

This short adventurous novel was set in Yukon, Canada during the 1980s. In this period strong sled dogs were in high demand. This novel falls more accurately into the genre of animal fiction. This book includes the fact, that an animal, a dog, is anthropomorphized and has given human traits. This novel tells the tale of a return to primitivism and also survival. Readers also find the name of love and redemption in the book.

The Call of The Wild Audiobook is a popular novel written by Jack London. It was originally published in 1903 by Macmillan Inc. The novel follows the genre of Novel, Adventure Fiction. It has a rating of 4.6 Star Review on Good Reads.

Plot Review:

The central character of the novel, The Call Of The Wild CDAudiobook is Buck, a sledgedog in Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush. Thornton, who is Buck’s final master, saves Buck from death. John Thornton is a gold hunter and was killed by natives.

After Buck finds Thornton’s body, Buck joins a pack of wolves in the wild. He often returns once a year to the site of his friend’s death and mourns over his friend’s death.

About Author (John Griffth):

John Griffth London was born on  January 12, 1876, and died on November 22, 1916. He was an American journalist, writer, and social activist. He was the inventor of the genre that is known as science fiction.

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