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[Listen][Download] “The Eye of The World Audiobook” By Robert Jordan

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The novel The Eye of the World Audiobook is written by Robert Jordan. The cover artist for the novel is Darrell K. Sweet. The best suitable genre for the novel is high fantasy. The novel was published on January 15, 1990, by Tor Books in the U.S. and by Orbit in the U.K., it is the first book of The Wheel of Time series that is preceded by New Spring and followed by The Great Hunt. It was released as young adult literature in the market.

the eye of the world audiobook

Exploring ‘The Eye of The World Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

The main protagonists of the novel are Rand al’ Thor, Matrium Cauthon, Egwene al’ Vere, Perrin Aybara and Nynaeve al’Meara. In this book, the author narrates how their residence was attacked by Trolloes and Myrddraal and how they save their village from further attacks. The main theme of the novel is the journey to self-discovery. By using this theme characters face experiences that teach the readers something about themselves.

The Eye of The World Audiobook is a popular novel written by Robert Jordan. The novel was originally published on January 15, 1990. It follows the genre of High Fantasy. The book has a rating of 4.2 Star Rating on Good Reads.

Plot Review:

The Eye of The World CD Audiobook is a detailed journey of self-discovery. The journey is filled with unforeseen obstacles and peril. The group of protagonists was tracked by Fades, Trollocks, and Darkfriends. They decided to stay one step ahead and forced apart Shadar Logan. Suddenly, the friends are reunited at Camelyn, where Loial joins them. They move forward to The Eye of the World and successfully want to fail the Dark One’s plans.

About Author (Robert Jordan):

Robert Jordan was an American author of high-level fantasy books. His best-known works include The Wheel of the Time series, which is composed of 14 books and is a prequel novel.

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The Eye of the World MP 3 is given below in 2 parts which include all the chapters of the book, Start reading it today and enjoy.

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