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[Listen][Download] “The Hating Game Audiobook” By Sally Thorne

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The Hating Game Audiobook is a romantic modern young fictional novel that is authored by American novelist Sally Thorne. The hating game is a fictional novel that is authored by talented and critically acclaimed American author and novelist Sally Thorne. The book is based on contemporary, fiction and Romantic genres. The novel was published in 2016 by the Harper Collins Publishers. It was simultaneously distributed in 2016 by the William Morrow Paperbacks as well; second version. It is currently available in paperback and hardcover. You can also find an audio version with eBook Amazon library.

The Hating Game Audiobook

Exploring ‘The Hating Game Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

The Hating Game Audiobook is a fun novel that targets young audiences. It is a perfect combination of humour, emotions, love, romance, and fun! The story revolves around the two main characters Lucy and Joshua. Both are colleagues, working at the same publishing house. However, they do not get along very well. In fact they downright hate each other equally and do not even like seeing each other’s faces. The story proceeds as the audiences get to witness the hateful interactions of both self-proclaimed enemies. It is a progressive story of hate.

The book received a collective 4.2-star rating from the critics. It also went on to receive the Goodreads Choice Award in the Romantic Audiobooks. The novel became an instant success with the audiences because the story was very humorous. It is also a very interesting to see hate evolve such wonderfully; appears to be very realistic.

About Author (Sally Thorne):

Sally Thorne is the author of the novel. She is an American-born who now resides in Australia. Sally Thorne is best-known for her work in romantic, young adventure, emotional and fictional genres. The hating game is one of her most popular works till date.

Listen To The Hating Game Audiobook Free: Full Length Mp 3:

The Hating Game Mp 3 by Sally Thornes in a clear and sound voice is given below. The audiobook is in 5 Parts and includes all the chapters of the book.

The Hating Game Audiobook Free


  • Did not expect this to be so good! This romcom ni el got picked up too. Cant wait for the movie to come out! Glad I found it here. Thanks!

  • Really enjoyed it but took me couple chapters to really get into it but when I did I fell in love with their story! Especially how she stood up to his dad.. Book 2 please.

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