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The book, The Other Wes Moore Audiobook is about One Name and Two Fates. The novel was written by Wes Moore. The book was published in 2010 by Spiegel and Grau. In this novel, the author portraits the story about two men having the same name but had different lifestyles. The novel can be best suited in the genre of memoir.

The Other Wes Moore Audiobook

The Other Wes Moore Audiobook – Review And Details:

The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates Audiobook is about the real-life of two young Black men and residing in the same community. The major theme that the author followed is about identity. The theme is explored in both personal and collective ways. The author also throws light on exploration as a self-fulfilling prophecy. In his interview, the author stated that he wrote this novel, particularly for the young generation who, are going through different transitions to adulthood, and also for those who are in surrounding with these young people.

The Other Wes Moore Audiobook is an autobiography written by Wes Moore. It was originally published on April 27, 2010. The book falls under the genre of Biography, Autobiography. It has a rating of 3.8 Star Review on Good Reads.

Plot Review:

The author in his novel wrote a non-fiction essay that explains the real-life of both the men having the same name. in this book, the author delivers the message of identifying two radically different fates. The author also explained the commonalities between them. The Other Wes Moore learned the game of selling drugs on the street from his older brother. The author also told his story of how he ends up graduating from military school. The Other Wes Moore also learns the difficult truth about street life and crime. He also sold heroin to his own family and commits first degree murder, and sent to prison for life. The author also shared his awards at the end of the book.

About Author (Wes Moore):

Westley “Wes” Watende Omari Moore was born on October 15, 1978 and is an American author, television producer, social entrepreneur and also belongs to US Army. His novel The Other Wes Moore is the New York Times Bestseller book.

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The Other Wes Moore Audiobook is given below in 1 part which includes all the chapters of the book. Start listening to it today and Enjoy it.

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