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The Scorch Trials Audiobook is an American novel that is authored by James Dashner. The novel is based on the young adult post-apocalyptic scientific fiction genre. The novel ‘the scorch trials’ is authored by an American author James Dashner. The cover artist of the book is Dennis Louis. It is based on young adult fiction and the post-apocalyptic genre. The book was published in 2010 by the Delacorte Press Publishers. It is part of the celebrated ‘The Maze Runner’ novel series.

The Scorch Trials Audiobook

Exploring ‘The Scorch Trials Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

The Scorch Trails CDAudiobook is the second part of “The Maze Runner Series Audiobook” and hence, the story moves ahead in continuation from the first part. Thomas who is the main lead has now escaped the maze trap along with his group of trusted friends. But ahead lie another set of daunting challenges that are abruptly thrown his way.

Reader’s review

The Scorch Trials Audiobook is part of the celebrated Maze Runner series. The book had high expectations from it and was positively accepted by audiences and critics alike.

The movie managed to grab a high start rating. The book also has been adapted into a television series as well as a feature film produced under Fox Entertainment. The book has been nominated in several leading categories as well.

Movie adaptation

In 2013, the copyrights for the official film adaption were based on the storyline of the book by Fox Entertainment. The screenplay of the movie is written by T. S. Nowlin whilst the movie was directed by Wes Ball. The movie had to deal with significant delays before it was released in 2015.

About The Author (James Dashner):

The book is authored by American fiction writer and novelist James Dashner. The author was born in the United States and is best known for his published successful novel series titled ‘The Maze Runner’.

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The Scorch Trails MP 3 By James Dashner Read By Mark Deakins is presented by the listening library. The Novel Is divided into 2 parts for easy listening.

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