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It is a fantasy fiction novel that was published in the US. The novel The Wheel of Time Audiobook has been authored by American author Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. The novel was initially released in the United States. The cover of the original novel has been illustrated by Darrell K. Sweet. The book is based on fantasy fiction genre and was published by the Tor Books in 2013. It was later published by Orbit Books in remaining parts of the world.

the wheel of time audiobook

The Wheel of Time Audiobook – Novel Review And Details:

The story is a continuation part of the novel new spring. The story begins set in the two rivers almost 20 years ahead of time. The main characters of Aes Sedai, Moiraine, and Lan Warder arrive in the Emond Field village. They are struggling to survive the dark forces against all odds.

Critical Acclaim:

The Wheel of Time MP 3 was greatly praised by the critics and readers alike. The wheel of time became most popular for its array of wonderfully engaging characters. The book ranked on the 14th position on the New York Times Best-selling novel list.

Film Adaptation:

The film rights for an official movie adaptation of the book were purchased by Universal Studios. However, the movie never went beyond the pre-production phase and was shelved due to technical issues.

TV adaptation:

A single episode titled ‘winter dragon’ was aired based on the storyline on FXX in 2015. The episode garnered great response from the audiences and hence a complete television series was announced. In 2018, it was updated the Amazon studio will launch the series online in collaboration with Sony entertainment.

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The Wheel of The Time Novel Audiobooks Series:

  • New Spring Audiobook
  • The Eye of the World Audiobook
  • The Great Hunt Audiobook
  • The Dragon Reborn Audiobook
  • The Shadow Rising Audiobook
  • The Fires of Heaven Audiobook
  • Lord of Chaos Audiobook
  • A Crown of Swords Audiobook
  • The Path of Daggers Audiobook
  • Winter’s Heart Audiobook
  • Crossroads of Twilight Audiobook
  • Knife of Dreams Audiobook
  • The Gathering Storm Audiobook
  • Towers of Midnight Audiobook
  • A Memory of Light Audiobook

About Author (Robert Jordan):

The book is written by American born author and novelist Robert Jordan. Robert Jordan is a professional author who has expertise in writing stories based on mischief and thriller genres. He has famously authored the ‘mistborn’ novel series.

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