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[Listen][Download] “The Wrath And The Dawn Audiobook” By Renée Ahdieh

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This book is a perfect blend of 1001 Nights along with a fantasy love story. The Wrath And The Dawn Audiobook is a story of a mind game and murderer authored by famous novel writer Renee Ahdieh. The story genre is a fiction fairy tale which focuses on the mature audience. The Wrath and the Dawn was published on 12th May 2015 comprising of 404 pages and was published by G.P. Putnam`s Sons Books for Young Readers.

The Wrath And The Dawn Audiobook

Exploring ‘The Wrath And The Dawn Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

The story is rare and takes you on a beautiful journey of love, and magic. It will add wings to the reader’s soul along with vibrant colours. The Wrath And The Dawn CDAudiobook revolves around a king named Khalid who used to hang his wife at dawn. Various animal sacrifices along with fights are made for magic.

Shahrzad is a brave and strong character who is a survivor. King is a monster while Shahrzad is assertive as well as confident enough to escape. As the story progresses Shahrzad falls in love with a tormented heart monster. The love of both characters is filled with secrets.

The amazing story has been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Science and Young Fantasy, the Lincoln Award, as well as Milwaukee County Teen Book. It will leave the readers in awe.


1001 Nights is the real inspiration of the story that is full of melodrama. Renee captured the attention of readers with romance as well as good story pacing of the characters. The story reveals romance and good character reflection.

Movie Adaptation

The Wrath and the Dawn Audiobook will soon hit big screens because it has recently been optioned for a movie.

About the Author (Renee Ahdieh):

Renee Ahdieh is an American author who was born on 7th July 1983. She is famous for her tremendous series of The Wrath and the Dawn. Her books always create hype among grown-ups and teens because of intriguing conversations, diversity, nice scenes and depicting a unique world. She is always successful in providing a captivating tale to the readers.

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