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Tower of Dawn Audiobook is the sixth book in the series which is a continuation to Empire of Storms. The novel is a fictional story if kingdom war which follows the fight on and off-field between the different kingdom of the region. The core factor of the success of the book is its mysterious and suspense nature which involve the readers at every end of the story. The novel has received many awards and has remained New York Times Best for long.

tower of dawn audiobook

Tower of Dawn Audiobook – Review and Details:

Tower of Dawn is the sixth book of the series “Throne of Glass” written by Sarah J. Maas. The audiobook has been popular because of its suspense nature. In the book, the plot of the novel has been on its climax and some very sudden changes have occurred in this book of the series.

Tower of Dawn Audiobook was originally published on September 5, 2017. The book is sixth in the row of the novel series written by Sarah J. Maas. The book is a continuation of the story of the Empire of Storms Audiobook. It has a great rating of 4.4 on Goodreads.

Novel Plot:

Tower of Dawn is known to be the most mysterious and turning book of the series. It has some amazing turning points which make the reading amazed. Celaena who has now controlled everything has taken up the responsibility of the protection of the kingdom and has to be in contact with others to create a regional force.

Name: Tower of Dawn Audiobook.
Author: Sarah J. Maas.
Series: Throne of Glass.
Genre: Romance Novel, Fantasy Fictional.
Publishing Date: September 5, 2017
Preceded by: Empire of Storms
Rating: 4.4

About Author (Sarah J. Maas):

Sarah J. Maas is a popular American novelist known for her fantasy writing skills. Her emotions and mysterious work on the novel make the reader love her more. She has received many awards and her novels remain the best seller of new york times for many years.

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Towe of Dawn is available in 8 parts which cover all the chapters of the book. Start listening and enjoy.

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