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[Listen][Download] Twisted Lies Audiobook (Series# 4) – By Ana Huang

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Twisted Lies Audiobook was published on June 24, 2022. The book is by Ana Huang, which is fourth book of the twisted series. It is contaminated by lies and twisted love with a lot of secrets. Twisted Lies is based on a fake dating romance between two main characters Stella Alonso and Christian Harper. The alpha male is a monster in the clothes of a gentleman. He uses a little moral and not much love but accepts that he feels something strange for Stella.

Twisted Lies Audiobook

Twisted Lies Audiobook – Details And Review:

Plot Review:

The story rotates around two main characters Stella and Christian. Stella is an introverted personality who is a social media influencer and a fashion lover. She is a fun-loving girl but also likes to enjoy some time with her own company so she rented an apartment in a building where Christian lives.

Christian is a guy, who doesn’t seem nice to anyone. On the other side, Christian seems very nice and caring for Stella and this is the main reason whenever Stella feels herself in a hard situation, Christian is always there for her. Stella is a sweet girl and when she is threatened from her past, she feels safe in Christian’s place. There’s love between them which is not only twisted but full of lies and secrets and when truths are exposed, they could explode each and everything.

Twisted Lies MP 3 is the fourth book of the Series, which follows the genres of Romance, Contemporary, Adult, Fiction and Novel. The book on its own carries a rating of 4.22 Star Review on GoodReads.


Twisted Lies CD is based on blurring fake dating romance which contains violence, and vulgar and explicit content with a morally grey male character. There are complex relationships with multiple lies and secrets which are enough to shatter them. It is an emotional narration with a hint of suspense. Readers love to read this fourth edition in twisted series especially those who love the previous editions. Christian is a strong character in himself but very nice and soft for Stella and he always hides his goodness in front of others.

About The Author (Ana Huang):

Ana Huang the author of Twisted Love is the bestselling author on Amazon as well as of USA Today, New York Times. She is known for the Twisted series written by her and her content is based on alpha heroes, adult romance, strong heroines and multiple sprinkles in her novels.

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