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Twisted Love Audiobook is written by Ana Haung originally published in English on April 21, 2021, as an erotic literature and a romantic novel. Twisted Games and Brett follow the story. The story is a gripping romance, exploring the complexity of relationships and secrets’ aftereffects. Readers enjoy its emotional narratives and intense situations with the feel of suspense in the novel. Twisted Love is all about unexpected encounters, unravelling the past, healing wounds, trusting again and embracing twists.

Twisted love Audiobook

Twisted Love Audiobook – Details And Review:

Plot Review:

Twisted Love CD is a story based on two main characters Alex Volkov, a billionaire boyfriend and Ava Chen, the best friend’s sister who. Its hero is the hottest who enters as a cold-hearted devil with the face of an angel who is driven by retaliation and revenge. Whereas Ava is a free soul who loves the beauty of the world even after her broken past. A cold-hearted man starts melting on his best friend’s sister while looking after her. Although he has a heart of ice in love with Ava he can burn the whole world.

Twisted Love Audiobook Free is a popular Contemporary Romance written by Ana Huang. The book is the First (01) in the Twisted Audiobook Series. It follows the genres of Fiction, Contemporary, Romance and Novel. The book has a rating of 3.73 Star Review on GoodReads.


The main theme of Twisted Love Unabridged is complex relationships, trust issues, personal growth etc. It explores how important is to communicate with each other to understand and compromise. In the story, characters learn to come out from their past traumas and move on to love and trust again. The complexity of love and twisting emotions which require understanding and effort are the beautiful parts of this romantic novel.

About The Author (Ana Huang):

Ana Huang the author of Twisted Love is the bestselling author on Amazon as well as of USA Today, New York Times. She is known for the Twisted series written by her and her content is based on alpha heroes, adult romance, strong heroines and multiple sprinkles in her novels.

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