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Uprooted Audiobook is a fantasy fiction novel. It is authored by celebrated novelist Naomi Novik and was published in 2015. Uprooted is authored by American author Naomi Novik. The book was published in 2016 by the Del Ray publishers and is available in hardcover only. The book is based on fantasy fiction genre and is part of the stand-alone novel series.

Uprooted Audiobook

Uprooted Audiobook – Novel Details And Review:

The story of uprooted Unabridged Audiobook is set in a Kingdom setting. The kingdom of Poland is the home to the main character of the story i.e. Agnieszka. She lives in her village in the kingdom, is in love with nature and enjoys the forests and rains a little too much. The village is protected by a wizard dragon who has enchanted the woods surrounding the village. However, one day the dragon threatens to stop protecting the village until and unless Agnieszka will agree to live with him in his tower for a decade.

Critical Reception

Uprooted Audiobook Free is seen as one of the most popular fictional fantasy novels of 2016. It was very well-received by the audiences and went on to receive the Nebula award, Locus Award and Mythopoeic Award as well. It was also nominated for several other leading awards in the young fantasy fiction category.

Movie Adaptation

The official copyrights for the Uprooted feature film have been purchased by Warner Bros. The film will be produced under the Warner Bros. production banner and is going to be a directorial venture for national award winner and celebrated TV host Ellen DeGeneres. No further details for the film have been released so far hence the cast and release date is unclear.

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About The Author (Naomi Novik):

Naomi Novik is the author of the book. She is a celebrated author and novelist with several literary awards in her kitty. She was born in the United States in 1973 and has professionally studied Literature during her educational years.

Listen To Uprooted Audiobook Full Free MP 3:

Uprooted Audiobook is a popular romance novel written by Naomi Novik. The Audiobook is presented in 1 Complete part and it includes all the chapters of the novel in a clear voice.

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