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Winter Audiobook is a romantic, sci-fi fantasy novel is authored by Marissa Meyer. The novel is preceded by Cress and was originally published on 10th November 2015. The novel won Goodreads Choice Awards on Young Fantasy and Science Fiction in 2015 and Pacific Book Award in 2016. The book comprises of 827 pages and was published by Feiwel and Friends. It is the 4th novel of the series.

winter audiobook

Exploring ‘Winter Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

Winter Unabridged Audiobook has a princess that is true admiration for Lunar people because of her ultimate kindness and grace. Her beauty is breathtaking and she lives with her stepmother Queen Levana. Winter is unloved by her Levana who doesn’t approve of her love for his childhood friend Jacin.

But Winter is a strong woman, who makes allies with Cinder. She has the power to start a battle and win a war for the rage. Fans will love the thrilling conclusion of the Lunar Chronicles series.


Readers loved the overwhelming fairy tales that tell intertwined beauties. According to critiques, the main characters do get wounded which almost kills them, the smooches and reunion style of the couple ends with a kiss. The female heroines do seem weak at the start but are strong and withstand every obstacle her stepmother tries to create.

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About Author (Marissa Meyer):

Marissa Meyer was born on 19th February 1984. The American Novelist loves to write for teenagers and her first series is The Lunar Chronicles. She presents the old fairy tales with sci-fi twists. She put motivation in her writing by enabling readers to reimage the fairy tales. Her each story contains a passionate fairy tale couple while the main strong character is female. Thus, she is a good and careful storyteller whose stories end happily.

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Winter MP 3 by Marissa Meyer is a popular romantic Science Fiction novel. The Novel is presented in 8 parts which include all the chapters of the novel

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