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The novel Wonder Audiobook is a children’s novel by Raquel Jaramillo. The novel was created under the subject of prejudice, self-acceptance, friendship, middle school, and bullying. The incident that is described in the novel can give a valuable lesson to its readers. The book was published on February 14, 2012, by Alfred A. Knopf publishers. The book was also awarded the Maine Student Book Award, Fisher Children’s Book Award, and the Mark Twain Award.

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Exploring ‘Wonder Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

R.J. Palacio wrote this book in response to an incident where her son saw a girl with facial differences and started to cry. The main storyline theme of the novel is kindness and tolerance of differences. The feature of kindness in the novel plays a prominent role. Palacio also describes the factor of courage that can overwhelm other features of mocking and bullying. One of the complicated themes discussed by the author is outside vs. inside. The novel explores the fact of the difference between a person’s looks on the outside and how he is on the inside.

Wonder Audiobook is a popular fictional novel written by R. J. Palacio. The book was originally published on February 14, 2012. The novel falls under the Genre of Fiction, Children’s Literature. The book has a rating of 4.4 Star Review on GoodReads.

Plot Review:

The Wonder CDAudiobook opens up with the story of ten-year-old August. The boy was born with severe facial abnormalities and differences. After going through several surgeries he can now attend regular school. Although most of the students don’t want to interact with August, he still enjoys school. He mostly excels in his classwork and is a good student. He also faces how most of the kids bully him, but in turn, most of the students stand up for him, and that is enough to create a friendly environment.

The author elaborates on how August still uses his courage to be kind to others always works hard to get good grades in school, and also believes in the power of kindness and friendship. At the end of the novel, he thanks his mom for sending him to regular school and facing all obstacles with strong heart and courage, to become a mature grown-up man in life.

About Author (R.J. Palacio):

Raquel Jaramillo Palacio, pen name R.J. Palacio, is an American author and a famous graphic designer. She wrote several novels for children. Her best-selling novel for children is Wonder.

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