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Queen of Shadows is part of the best-selling popular series Throne of Glass Audiobook Series. It is authored by Sarah J. Mass. Queen of Shadows is an American novel part of the Throne of Glass series. The novel is preceded by Heir of Fire novel and the next release following this book is The Empire of Storms. The book was published by Bloomsbury in September 2015. The book is the fourth part of the best-selling series.

Queen of Shadows Audiobook

Queen of Shadows Audiobook – Novel Review:

The Queen of Shadows CDAudiobook is centred on the main character Caleana. She is facing a troubled time after being left alone in troubled situations after everything worthy is snatched away from her. However, determined to reclaim everything that belongs to her – Caleana returns to the kingdom. She no longer has anything to lose but even if she did, she wouldn’t be frightened to fight for what is her’s.

Listener’s review:

Queen of Shadows Audiobook was much awaited by audiences because it was part of an already popular and successful novel series. The book was very well-received by the audiences and built up their excitement for the next release in the series.

Critical Acclaim:

Queen of Shadows ranked at the top of the best-selling novels list in the UK and the USA. The novel ranked in the top slots for up to 6 weeks in continuation. The novel was also nominated in several award categories. It was named the best novel in adult fiction in 2015. The critics from various publications also greatly praised the novel.

Full Book Name: Queen of Shadows.

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA

Series: Throne of Glass

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Date of Publishing: 09/06/2016

File Names: Queen of Shadows Audiobook, Queen of Shadows Mp3.

Rating: 4.3.

About Author (Sarah J. Mass):

Sarah J. Mass is the pen name of American author Sarah Janet Maas. The author is an expert on writing novels of the fantasy fiction genre. She is 31 years of age and so far has achieved immense success in her short-lived writing career. She initially rose to fame with her Court of Throne and Roses novel.

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