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The Sacred Mushroom And The Cross Audiobook: A Study of the Nature and Origins of Christianity within the Fertility Cults of the Ancient Near East is a 1970 book about the etymology of early Christianity and fruitfulness cliques in the Ancient Near East. It was composed by John Marco Allegro.

The Sacred Mushroom And The Cross Audiobook

Exploring ‘The Sacred Mushroom And The Cross Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross Unabridged Audiobook has been portrayed as “famous” and as “perhaps the most unusual book at any point distributed regarding the matter of religion and pharmacology”. There was a media craze when it was distributed in 1970. This made the distributor apologize for giving it and constrained Allegro’s acquiescence from his college position.

The Sacred Mushroom And The Cross Audiobook is a popular Folklore Book written by John M. Allegro. The book was originally published in 1970. It follows the genres of Folklore, Books, and Novels. The book has a rating of 3.8 Star Review on GoodReads.

Plot Review:

The Sacred Mushroom And The Cross Audiobook Unabridged relates the improvement of language to the advancement of legends, religions, and cultic rehearses in world societies. Allegro contends, through historical underpinnings, that the foundations of Christianity, and numerous different religions, lay in ripeness cliques, and that faction rehearses, for example, ingesting visionary plants to see the psyche of God, persevered into the early Christian period, and to some undefined degree into the thirteenth century with reoccurrences in the eighteenth century and mid-twentieth century, as he deciphers the fresco of the Plaincourault Chapel to be an exact portrayal of the custom ingestion of Amanita muscaria as the Eucharist.

Allegro contended that Jesus never existed as a verifiable figure and was a legendary production of early Christians affected by psychoactive mushroom concentrates like psilocybin. His cases have regularly been liable to criticism and disdain because of Allegro’s unusual hypothesis.

About The Author (John M. Allegro):

John Marco Allegro was an English excavator and Dead Sea Scrolls researcher. He was a populariser of the Dead Sea Scrolls through his books and radio stations. He was the editorial manager of probably the most renowned and dubious parchments distributed, the pesharim.

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