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Three Dark Crowns Audiobook is a series of 5 books composed by Kendare Blake. This series comprises Three Dark Crowns, One Dark Throne, Two Dark Reigns, Five Dark Fates, and Queens of Fennbirn. Three Dark Crowns was published in 2016. It falls under the genre of high fantasy and fantasy fiction. This book is followed by One Dark Throne.

three dark crowns audiobook

Explore ‘Three Dark Crowns Audiobook’: Review, Analysis and Key Insights:

Three Dark Crowns MP 3 received mixed reviews including critics and praise after it had been published. Several journals and Media have reviewed and critiqued it. It received positive and good ratings from Goodreads. It has been termed as New York Times Bestseller, Chicago Public Library Best Book of 2016, and also Kirkus Best Book of the year.

Three Dark Crowns CDAudiobook is a popular Fantasy fiction novel written by Kendare Blake. The novel was originally published in 2016. It is the first and title book in the “Three Dark Crowns Audiobook Series.” The book follows the genres of Novel, Fantasy, Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, and High Fantasy. It has a rating of 3.9 Star Review on Goodreads.

Of every generation on the island of Fennbirn, three sets of three queens are born, all equal heirs to the crown and each person with charming charm. Mirabella is a strong target, able to light up hungry flames or strong storms with the pull of her fingers.

Katharine is a toxin, capable of absorbing the most lethal toxins without stomach pain. Arsinoe, a naturalist, is said to have the power to blossom the red rose and control the ferocity of lions.

About The Author (Kendare Blake):

Kendare Blake is a contemporary author of elderly novels. Her works include Ana Bored in Blood, Antigoddess, and Three Dark Crowns. Her books expand on a variety of genres, including horror, fantasy, and modern myths. Several of her works have been featured in the New York Times bestseller list.

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